International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Volunteer Intern Africa

With Art in Tanzania

Empowering Communities Since 1996

Art in Tanzania international internship and volunteering programs have empowered the African communities since 1996. Placement write-up.

Participating in our community programs helps Africa to develop and also, you get a life-lasting experience, new friends and you encounter the beauty of African nature.

Art in Tanzania has been partnering with NGOs from 7 EU countries, co-sponsored by European Commission, to produce a volunteer and internship training manual, EVOLVET.

My internship at Art in Tanzania NGO was an unforgettable experience which left tremendously great memories. As an intern I had in many ways a chance to witness and experience much more than regular tourists do. Those 2 months I spent in Tanzania taught me a lot about myself and this great country as well as the lives of its people. I already said back in Tanzania that getting to know the locals and the people who are working at Art in Tanzania was certainly the best thing for me on the whole trip. @nikoalbertsson

Overall, the experience of Art in Tanzania was unforgettable. I liked how freely the internship was possible and how communal the activity was. The only downside was the African way doing things, meaning things often happen late but in the country the way the country does. I also liked how well we were taken care of during working hours and on weekends. @pinnjalaukkanen


International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Climate Change

Advocating training and teaching the communities. Research-oriented approaches and working together with NGO networks. producing advocating content using Art in Tanzania’s powerful social media.

Climate Change Report

International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Working together with Tanzania corporate sector to empower community, environmental, education, human rights themes. Developing CSR approach in a developing country.

CSR Tanzania

International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Human Rights

Empowering Human Rights issues in a developing country society where the law is not necessarily implemented and training the societies in weaker positions for their rights. Using the schools as multiplying info centers.

Human Rights Intern

International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Football and Sports

Developing Tanzanian Youth Football Academy operations as coaching, health education, and management skills. Developing the community sports programs.

Youth Football

International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Environmental Advocacy

Training the communities about environmental protection and introducing field activities like a tree nursery and planting activities. Introducing recycling ideas as plastic water bottle re-use.

Recycling Water Bottles

Volunteer in a school

Village Education

Empowering the village education in the community schools at nursery, orphanage, primary and secondary school levels.

Classroom Education

International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Children Under School Age

Working in the orphanages, nursery schools, and community children programs.

Nursery School

International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Medical Public Health Nursing

Placements in nursing programs, clinical work, and Public Health tasks depending on your studies and experience.

Nursing interns

Medical interns

International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Marketing and Management

Marketing and management tasks for NGOs and the private sector. Mainly focused on digital marketing. Also, development and commercial funding application work.

African Investors

Community Psychology

Multitask approach assistance in developing African social issues. Your placement is tailored according to your background.

Why We Volunteer

Tanzania safari programs

Film Production

Multitasks film production from social media film clips to sort documentaries, and to assist in African full movie production.

Short documentary

International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Sustainable Tourism

Developing sustainable tourism. Also digital marketing tasks as well hostelry management tasks at the volunteer compound.

Bagamoyo Day Trip

International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Social Media

Art in Tanzania has a very strong Social Media program. Our Facebook page has 37k+ followers and some 200-400k monthly reach. Media is a powerful advocative tool. You produce content of various issues as well as perform photographing and filming tasks.

Media Internship

International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Music Arts Dance

Art in Tanzania started its operations supporting Tanzania’s arts. We tailor the art program to your background.

Music Internship

Benefits and Perks

Accommodation with breakfast and dinner is USD 175 per week is a personal expense.

Airport transfers from and to are USD 120 as a personal expense.

Charity VISA for immigration is USD 50 as a personal expense.

We pay a USD 100 per month stipend to you. It is small but 2x Tanzania’s national minimum wage.

Flights are a personal expense.

For more information please contact us and frequently asked questions

Program Orientation

Once in a Lifetime

Encounter Africa, get friends, help the communities. Your are not a tourist you are part of our big family

Volunteer compound and participants
Single/Double rooms
Single/Double rooms
Dormitory room
Bar - Canteen
Composting Dry Toilets
Balcony view
Gym room
Living Room
Living room
Dining area
Garden dining