Guide to Tanzanian National Parks

Tanzania - wildlife paradise

tempo_142Tanzania has emerged as a destination in its own right. Tanzania is to the wildlife enthusiast the Africa of our imagination. Boasting over 95,000 square miles of game reserves, From Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, to Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa, you find a country with vast, unbroken vistas. East Africa has also been called the cradle of mankind. There is great physical drama in Africa. A drama of gigantic scale and magnificent, almost unbearably beautiful landscapes. The beauty of Tanzania can simply take one's breath away. The reds and greens of the landscape seem to pulsate in the bright African sun.

There are few villages, few farms and no pavement in the wilderness, just miles and miles of great open spaces beneath an infinite and weightless African sky, hills and escarpments with golden savannas that roll out to meet them, and the towering mass of Kilimanjaro humped under a great burden of snow, shimmering in the heat like a mirage between illusion and reality.

yellow_baboonThe hordes of tourist mini-buses, which threaten the game parks in other areas of Africa, have not yet made their mark. The cultural integrity of the Masai tribespeople remains undiluted. The warm, but rarely extreme equatorial clime of the savanna grasslands and the invigorating, cool climes of the highlands are idyllic. Tanzania is the land of the safari superlative, the quintessential African experience that Hemingway knew and loved.

In Tanzania, the visitor has so much to see and experience that it is taking several visits to get a thorough view. We have several world-famous game reserves like Serengeti, N'gorongoro, Selous, and Ruaha to explore, Marvelous Indian Ocean Islands and reefs with deep history to wonder, Zanzibar and Mafia to name. You can climb to Mount Kilimanjaro, go hunting, or deep-sea fishing. If not enough you search the great lakesides of Lake Victoria and Tanganyika or you simply enter the full wilderness and get lost.

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