Creating accounts for new users

Art in Tanzania requires every site user to make changes to the site using their own log in details. If you don't have your own account please speak to an Administrator. The Team Leaders, Beth, Sandra and Kari are all Administrators.

Instructions for administrators

  1. Go to the Add New User page (click here, or in the administrator backend select "Users > User Manager > Add New User")
  2. Fill in the new user's full name
  3. Use their first name as their log in name
  4. Create and confirm a password for them
  5. Put in their e-mail address
  6. Select a User group for the new user (see below for help with choosing a user group)
  7. Hit save and close
  8. Advise the user to read the editing help and change their password the first time they log in
  9. Remember to delete the user's account when they should no longer have access to AIT's site.

Choosing a user group

Users with limited access

Anyone who is not a member of full time staff but needs to make changes to the website should be added to the Editor user group.

Editors do not have access to the administrator back end so they can not create new content or edit the volunteer testimonials or meet the staff boxes. Editors can use the front end editor to make changes to other kinds of current article but they can not publish their changes. Once an editor has finished making changes to a page they must ask an administrator to approve and publish their work.

Users with full access

New team leaders or other full time staff should be added to the Administrator user group.

Administrators can edit existing content, amend and publish editors changes, create new content and create new user accounts. When you create a new administrator account please ensure the new user has a through understanding of the site's structure and style. 

Additional information