Climate Change Adjustment Africa

Art in Tanzania is working with a consortium of NGOs and private sector actors to evaluate and produce solutions to the combination of climate change and human rights issues in rural Africa. Some 75% of Tanzanian people live in rural areas and their livelihood, based on agricultural income, will be highly affected by climate change. The vulnerable groups, such as women, youth, and people living with disabilities are most affected. This program is a multi-disciplinary student approach to evaluate the present situation, future scenarios and to develop models for possible solutions.
International Volunteers and Interns help us to perform advocative work in the schools and communities but many also conduct thesis and research tasks.

Placement Description

Daily Tasks

A common day is morning hours of practical fieldwork in nursery schools and orphanages and communities.
Afternoon time is tailored for program planning, reporting, and producing social media advocative content. Your placement is tutored by an academic-level team leader.


Art in Tanzania co-operates with the other NGOs for the program tasks. We are involved in several NGO consortiums to fight for children's rights and to develop nursery schools and orphanages. We have also been part of the EU Commission-funded Volunteer and Internship Development program EVOLVET.


Art in Tanzania volunteer eco-compound can accommodate up to 50 participants. We have single, double, and dormitory rooms. Each room is self-contained. We have office facilities and a garden canteen bar serving you at the idyllic African village surrounding.

Charity VISA

Interns: When staying less than 3 months (13weeks) you are to apply for a volunteer student visa (C2) and the fee is USD 50.   Volunteers: You apply for an Ordinary VISA (C1) when not exceeding 3 months (13 weeks) and the fee is USD 50.

COVID - 19 and Malaria

Tanzania's COVID-19 situation is good. We have had participants in the programs since May 2020 without problems. COVID-19 tests are available, also at the airport for traveling.
We recommend to take malaria prevention although the tests and medical care are easily available and at a low cost.


Tanzania is a peaceful country to visit and in our village, Madale, you can safely roam around day and night. We have been operating around since 1996 so our activities are well-known and appreciated y the local communities. We also have third-party security facilitation at the compound.