International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Benefits and Perks

Art in Tanzania programs has no program fees. We pay a monthly stipend. Participants pay for accommodation with breakfast and dinner.


You apply for an online charity volunteer/intern student VISA against our invitation. 

Own Money

Living in Tanzania is low cost so you do not need much daily pocket money. You can easily withdraw money in real-time to your local TZ phone number from your home bank account or against your cards. Safe and sound!

International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

How the Organization Earns Its Running Expense?

We are self-sustainable and we earn our running income from safari and tour operations and several small programs. It is important to understand that NGOs must operate as any business to earn money to pay their expenses. Sometimes people think NGOs get money free but this is not the case at all.

Does the Organization Donate Money?

We do not donate money to the entities or persons we help. We help people and entities to perform self-sustainable existence. Overall donating money is not proper development work and easily causes corruption.


Tanzania overall is a very safe country. The village where we work knows us since 1996 and it is safe as any place in the world. At the compound, we have a third-party security company as well.

What to Bring

Back simply as all missing, you can purchase in Tanzania. Bring a laptop as we do not have enough computers for all participants. Also, a smartphone to stay online with a local sim card and to use it as a personal mobile bank account.

Vaccinations and Malaria

If your western vaccinations are valid you do not need any add-on shots. For malaria, you may consider taking preventive and ask our advice for it.

What to Donate?

Second-hand sportswear like football and running shoes etc are welcome. Also toys. In the community schools, they miss stationaries but if you wish to donate those better to purchase locally in TZ as they are low-cost.

BEDS and Mosquito Nets

We have bedsheets and mosquito nets for you. We do not have a towel and a good option is to purchase Tanzanian Kanga light clothing that is a great towel but also you can wear it evening times as light bedroom clothing.

The Benefits and Perks

The Benefits and Perks are as follows:

  • Accommodation with breakfast and dinner is USD 175 per week is a personal expense
  • Airport transfers from and to are USD 120 is a personal expense
  • Charity VISA for the immigration is USD 50 is a personal expense
  • We pay a USD 100 per month stipend to you. It is small but 2x Tanzania national minimum wage
  • Flights are a personal expense