Social care

social care volunteerSocial sector or community volunteering & internship programs cover wide area of professions and particular programs related to social works. The largest combination is the Children's Agenda program we run in coalitions with UNICEF and other orgranizations. We have more than 100 schools, kindergardens, day care centers, orhanages, street children program, disabled people, community health programs, HIV AIDS counceling, Community Arts approach etc to attend. And do not forget the importance of Social Media as the social sector issues are also informative for the people in common.

We are tailoring the programs to all the social sector participants whether they are volunteers or interns. People have different interests and skills that need to be combined. The best way to find your own program is the read through the basic documentation at the web pages and then to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further info and tailoring.

Social Works

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Youth Reporters (Children's Agenda)


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