How to create an article

The Team Leaders, Beth, Sandra and Kari are able to create new content (they're all Administrators in website-speak). If you would like to add a new page to the site please speak to your local team leader.

Notes for Administrators

An "article" is what Joomla! calls any block of content. Volunteer testimonials, news stories, intern profiles, and any page of content on this site are all "articles".

In Joomla!, articles must first be created, then separately added to the menu if required.

To create a new article:

  1. Read the style guide for that type of article
  2. Prepare your content text (or if an editor will create the article just add one line of text)
  3. If your article contains images, follow the image preparation instructions.
  4. Go to the Add New Article page (click here, or in the administrator backend select "Content > Article Manager > Add New Article")
  5. Choose a title that describes the content well, is grammatically correct, and as short as possible while still containing the keywords that are directly relevant to the content. Three to six words is usually appropriate. For example, "Volunteering in Tanzania, Africa" is a good title for the volunteer landing page.
  6. Add your content to the "Article Text" box*
  7. Add a meta-description, keywords and image descriptions. Help with this stuff is on the SEO guidance page.
  8. Click "Save"

* Please don't copy and paste straight from Microsoft Word. Word uses funny formatting which the website won't like. If you've prepared your content in Word please copy and paste it into Notepad or Text Edit and then into the "Article Text" box.

To make your article appear on the site

News stories, volunteer testimonials and meet the staff articles don't appear directly in the menu. They are added to the correct section because they are saved into a category. To do this, when creating the article with the steps above, change the "Category" field to the appropriate category, e.g. "News (English)". When you save the article, it will automatically appear in the correct section of the site.

To make an article appear as a regular page linked through the menu, you need to create a new menu item. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Add New Menu Item page (click here, or in the administrator backend go to "Menus > Primary navigation > Add New Menu Item")
  2. For "Menu Item Type", select "Articles > Single Article"
  3. Under the "Required Settings" section, choose the article you want to link to
  4. For "Menu Title", type the text you want to appear in the menu. This should be as short as possible, as each extra word makes it harder for a reader to scan the menu. For example, the "Volunteering in Tanzania, Africa" article's menu title is just "Volunteer"
  5. For "Alias" choose a fragment to appear in the URL for the article. This can be similar to the page title, but does not have to be. For example, the "Life as a volunteer" menu link has an alias of just "life", making the URL The alias is not "volunteer-life" because the keyword "volunteer" already exists in the URL as part of the parent page.*
  6. For "Parent Item", choose the menu item that your new page should appear under. For example, to add a page to the "volunteering" section, select the "volunteer" item. If you do not do this, your new page will appear in the main menu at the top of the site!
  7. If you or an editor want to work on the article content some more before putting it live on the site change the access to registered. This means only logged in users will be able to see the article. Change the access back to public when you're ready for the world to see it.
  8. Click "Save and Close"
  9. Use the blue "up" and "down" arrows to move the new menu item to the correct position in the menu.

* Please choose carefully when selecting the URL text. The URL shouldn't be changed after the article is live. If it is changed all links to that page will break.

Checking your work

Once you have saved your work, visit your page and check that:

  1. All images are the right size, and are aligned properly
  2. The title is not so long that it wraps onto two lines
  3. Any links in the text link to the right page
  4. The page is in the correct place in the menu

Translating into Finnish (or any other language added in future)

When you create a new English page, it does not automatically appear on the Finnish site. Please tell whoever is looking after translation that you've published a new page. The translator will need to follow all the same steps to add the article and menu item to the Finnish section.

Additional information