Welcome to Africa

Tanzania safari programs

Welcome to Tanzania

Art in Tanzania is a Tanzanian NGO also registered in Finland. We perform self-sustainable community work in multiple programs assisted by volunteers and interns.

Our programs do not include any participation fees. We pay a monthly stipend for the participants. Your only direct in-country expense is accommodation and meals.

By participating in our placements you learn how to work in a developing country in Africa. Along you get great Tanzanian friendships. Also, you can enjoy the unbelievable beauty of Tanzania encountering the unforgettable wildlife, sceneries of Mt Kilimanjaro, the culture of Zanzibar.

Every day is an adventure in Tanzania!

Volunteer and Intern

Art in Tanzania has been performing volunteering and internship programs since 1996. We commonly have 15-40 participants at our compound at Madale village all year round. We work with 400+ universities throughout the world. 

As you work to empower our work for the communities you learn new and exciting African culture.


International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.
International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

Safaris and Tours

Art in Tanzania safaris go Serengeti, N’gorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Mikumi, Selous and Ruaha. Experience Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. Visit Zanzibar and enjoy adventures like scuba diving. Tour profits go for to support our community work.

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International Volunteering and Internship in Africa.

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